Jeffrey L. Nelson began his investigative career in 1977.

Prior to that time Mr. Nelson was a large carnivore biologist for the University of Idaho, Utah State University, University of Montana and the Smithsonian Institute. After learning the habits of bears, tigers and other animals he transitioned to the two legged animal. His expert knowledge of behaviors and body language inspired him to start the investigation company.

Mr. Nelson and his team of investigators have been involved in some very high level cases over the years. To name a few, the Salt Lake Olympic Scandal, as the investigators for the Defendants, the Greyhound Leasing and Finance case worth in excess of 56 Million dollars and many other high profile investigations.

After 32 years in this business, Mr. Nelson has accrued many interesting stories and is in the process of writing several books; True Stories of a Real P.I. with the first volume to be released in 2010.

Jeffrey L Nelson - PI

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